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Jim and I (Sunny) grew up with a love for the outdoors and living a healthy lifestyle. As we blended our lifestyles a farm was only inevitable. We moved to Jim's childhood family property in 2020 and began the dream. We were both still working 9-5 jobs, but after Parker was born I (sunny) decided I'd take a break from teaching to stay home with her. Jim continued to work as a naturalist guide and bee keeper, we lacked time, but the farm was still growing. Summer of 2021 we started to do a small farmers market and after a few of them I got a cottage license and made a couple loaves of sourdough to sell. And... boy, did it take off. Fast forward to summer of 23, (we had our second kid, Rowan) Jim got to quit his 9-5 job and we were in the bread business. We started going to a bigger farmers market and selling bread to restaurants and stores. Our community truly supported us and made it possible to now be opening a commercial bakery. We are beyond grateful, a little in shock on how fast things moved, but wouldn't change it for anything!

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