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The Farm

Our mission for the farm goes hand and hand with our mission at the bakery. That is to provide the freshest, best quality product for our costumers. We have shifted our farm from a typical farm to one that supports our bakery; in a farm to table type of way. We try and grow as much of the included ingredients, in house on the farm, so our sourdough is elevated to an even better product. 



Our Signature Aesthetic

What we are about

Here at Pence Farm we are trying to do a few things. First is provide a healthy lifestyle and fresh local food for our family. The next goal is to share that with our local community and friends from afar. 

How the farm and bakery go hand and hand... As you all know sourdough is our main get down, but the farm is a very important and integral part of Pence Farm Sourdough. Our whole mission is to give you all the best product we can. So, we have found the way to do that is by growing, making, and raising as much of the ingredients as we can to include in our bread recipes. Of course that is not all the ingredients, and it even changes season to season. But we try and we will continue to provide our customers the same quality food my own family would enjoy. 

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